Sunday, April 15, 2012

What The Hell Am I Doing Drinking In LA And Other Questions

It's do or die tonight for the Canucks. Call me a pessimist but I can't see them winning four straight if they lose tonight. I've got lots of questions going into this game, starting with the obvious one...

  • Is Jim Hughson gonna have his head removed from his ass to call this game?
  • Who is starting in net for Vancouver? 
  • Why do the Canucks insist on trying to manipulate/trick/mislead everyone? I know teams look for every edge they can get but what does it say about your own team that you have to resort to such tactics?
  •  With a loss tonight, does Alain Vigneault have one foot out the door?
  • When Bieksa says "it's a revolving door" on the powerplay, is that a shot at the coaching staff?
  •  Will the "good" Alex Edler show up at any point in this series?
  • Will Willie Mitchell continue to look better on the point on the pp than any Canuck d-man?
  •  Is it time to separate Ryan Kesler and David Booth?
  • Are special teams gonna be the determining factor in game 3?
  •  Is PJ Stock gonna irritate me enough to throw something at my tv?

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