Friday, April 13, 2012

A thought on the goalies

Desperate times call for desperate measures...if you want to call putting the goalie with the 2nd best save percentage in the league a desperate measure. Nobody with half a brain would blame Luongo for either of these disappointing losses. He has been extremely good but the team needs a shakeup. Of course, there is no guarantee that a goalie change will have any impact. Gotta try something.

Before the playoffs started, Vigneault said Luongo would start game 1 and they would "go from there". Mike Gillis was quite upfront about using both goalies during the playoff grind. So, with that in mind, a goalie change is the right thing to do and shouldn't be viewed as a controversial move, either. A few days ago, I tweeted that I would've liked to see games 1 and 2 for Luongo, 3 for Schneider, 4 and 5 for Luongo, 6 for Schneider and whoever is playing better for game 7. That was just a wild proposition but I got some positive feedback on it. AV can start Schneider and say it was part of the plan to get Schneider in at some point.

The goaltending isn't the problem. Henrik Sedin said they were gonna have to be happy winning games 1-0 but they're playing so piss poor defensively, that's really hard to do. Alex Edler, where have you gone?


  1. I couldn't agree more. Luongo has played well, especially in game one, but the team often seems to play better in front of Cory Schneider and Schneider has been more consistent and arguably better than Luongo this season anyways.

    Tony Gallagher had a pretty good idea a while ago. (And I don't say that too often.) He said to play Luongo at home and Schneider on the road in the Playoffs. Not only that, he suggested not even taking Luongo on the road. Let him rest up in Vancouver. Bring in Eddie Lack to be backup. I kinda liked that idea but it wouldn't be necessary for travelling to LA as that's not a difficult trip like Chicago or Detroit.

  2. not taking Luongo on the road seems a bit extreme, to be honest.

  3. True, but then Tony Gallagher is often a bit extreme.