Monday, April 9, 2012


This is my first attempt at blogging. The plan is to do a short blog after each Canucks playoff game. I have been posting #hardhittinganalysis on twitter over the past few months. Nothing too serious.

A few thoughts before the series gets going in a couple days...

It's cliche to say goaltending is going to play a big part in any playoff series but I truly believe that to be the case in this match-up. Jonathan Quick has had a tremendous season and is going to receive Vezina consideration. Hard to imagine things changing in the post-season for him. Roberto Luongo has had a good season, filled with a few up and downs. He got off to his trademark slow start but got things cooking in the middle of the season. After a few rough starts in March, Luongo got back on track in the last couple weeks. The wild card is Cory Schneider. Some have suggested Schneider should get the occasional game in the playoffs, no matter how Luongo is playing. I like the idea, myself, and it would be the out-of-the-box thinking the Canucks organization has shown in the past.

Another key to the series will be the Canucks powerplay. It has been dreadful for a solid 2 months now. Is the absence of Hodgson to blame? I would suggest that's part of the problem but surely, not the major issue. They've become much too predictable entering the offensive zone. Hopefully, Newell Brown has some new wrinkles once the playoffs begin.

Anyway, I wanna keep these entries relatively short, so that's all for today.

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  1. Good shap bru! Where are all the advertising banners? I got an itchy click finger... know what I'm sayin?

    Your bru,

  2. That's a good start. But if I could offer a little advice, if you want to get a lot of people to read your blog, maybe shorten the name to Hard Hitting Anal.

    1. That is exactly how it appears in my RSS feed in the sidebar hah.