Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A few post-game 1 thoughts

Disappointing loss. Nobody is happy about this. Game 2 is definitely a must win. AV better wake the hell up. And Kesler, stop being like that. Be a man.

Dustin Brown is quick as shit.

I thought LA wasn't a fast team but they skated circles around the Canucks at times, tonight.

The Canucks got to within one game of winning the Stanley Cup last season, by playing an offensive style. So what do they do? Dump it for a conservative gameplan. Not a big fan.

Still think we see Schneider in game 3 or 4, no matter what happens in game 2.

Powerplay needs to produce.


  1. This team is full of whine. They're like kids, they get upset, throw fits, get frustrated and play worse and worse.

    That's where a coach should come in and control the personalities. But AV admits he's a big fan of letting the players coach themselves. They don't need to manage themselves, they need a coach that con control the personalities in the room without letting them get frustrated and shattering their confidence.

    If I worked for AV, I'd fuckin quit. Looks like the Canucks agree with me. I might shap that.


  2. AV is a drooling troglodyte that will be coaching the Habs after the Kings win in 6 games - sad trombone shap