Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tiger Woods controversy

Not a huge Tiger Woods fan but I do believe he should be playing today. He incorrectly dropped the ball on the 15th hole yesterday. The penalty for that is 2 shots, which he was penalized this morning. He had been led to believe he DID NOT violate any rules yesterday, thus giving him the go-ahead to signing what LATER turned out to be in an incorrect scorecard.

I think as many golf "experts" have speculated this morning, Tiger got confused on two of his options. One of his options would have allowed him to drop the ball further back, as long as the point where the ball entered the hazard stayed between the hole and where he would hit his next shot from. He did not choose that option.

Woods has been penalized for dropping the ball incorrectly. Do we want Tiger Woods out of the tournament for signing an incorrect scorecard? I don't. With that being said, The Masters is bigger than Woods and has a star-studded leaderboard, and would be fine without him.

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